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Jump Starting SRE Within Your Organization
Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a hot topic in the industry today that helps define the activities of tomorrow’s Operations organizations. These organizations will be increasingly focused on more complex applications than minding infrastructure and hardware.

42 Lines brings their expertise combined with Logz.io’s platform to show how Site Reliability Engineering practices can bring focus on measuring customer experience, improving reliability, and accelerating development.
In this webinar you will learn how to begin an SRE practice within your organization. This includes Service Level Objectives, measuring your business for success, and understanding how much risk you are undertaking. We will help you establish realistic baselines and ensure the foundation is in place to grow your practice and avoid the traps of common implementations that can mislead business decisions.

Oct 7, 2020 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Kelly Looney
Global SI Practice lead – DevOps Segment @AWS
Kelly is a 30+ year veteran in the software development arena. He has built software in everything from assembly language to Smalltalk, Unix/C, and to Kubernetes and Lambda. He has taken an abiding interest in improving organization’s software delivery from Agile, to DevOps, to Serverless and NextOps. Kelly has been lucky enough to work directly with luminaries such as Kent Beck, Jez Humble, Damon Edwards, Craig Larman, Kenny Rubin, and Dick Gabriel. He has worked in successful startups (ParcPlace, Activerse, Skytap) and consulted (Thoughtworks, CAP Gemini, BAH) with all types of organizations in a variety of industries. At AWS, Kelly works with partners in the DevOps space to help solve customer problems and set the stage for modern high velocity, extra stable, and secure systems.
Jack Neely
Senior Visibility Engineer @42 Lines
Jack has been with 42 Lines for over 6 years and has worked with a number of consulting clients. While consulting with Fitbit, he found a perfect niche that combines his love of math with his 20 years of operations engineering experience — all things monitoring, telemetry, and logging. Jack has built globally scalable monitoring infrastructures based on Prometheus, Thanos, Graphite, StatsD, and even his old friend Nagios. Skills in math and statistics enable him to show clients how to build accurate models and understanding of their applications and customer behavior. Jack holds a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science and is fluent in several programming languages. Recent code contributions include ensuring monotonic histograms in Prometheus and time series database repair routines for the Thanos project. Jack co-hosts the Practical Operations Podcast which aims to find the balance between best practices and operational reality.
Tom Burke
Solutions Consultant @Logz.io
Tom Burke is a Solutions Consultant with a background in Computer Science. Since graduating from college, Tom has worked in the logging/troubleshooting & APM space from both an operations and security standpoint over the last 5 years. Tom enjoys exploring new technologies and boating in his spare time.